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Gangnam Style remix is successful? :)

My Gangnam Style remix at Soundcloud.

Well, for me, 600 plays is a success, especially 600 plays in one week. I mean, sure – dropping hot search terms like Gangnam Style and PSY (the artist behind the original) is not exactly hurting me in terms of number of plays, and it certainly helped that someone posted it on Reddit too, but I’m still a little bit excited. I just hope that some of the casual visitors will have checked out my other tracks too, and will maybe come back later.


EDIT: 880 plays now. Nice! Also, because my free pro account expired, the track also reached its download limit at 100. I went ahead and bought the ‘lite’ account instead, which should suffice.

EDIT 2: More than 1000 plays. It’s a milestone to me; now I need to put those numbers to good use.

Drum Pets: your friendly neighbourhood psytrance artist

So, remixes work.


I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it seems that a bit of namedropping and some hours of intensive work actually, well … work. I’ve loved Gangnam Style since I first laid ears and eyes on it, and I found the acappella lying around online, so I HAD to have a go. It was a strangely goal-oriented endeavour for me: when I realised I could get my hands on the acappella, I immediately decided that yes – I’m going to remix it. I simply sat down and worked intensively for somewhere between five and eight hours, and bam! – it was done. I let it rest over the night and then came back to it and finished it up. And after a mere two or three days, it had become my most popular track ever (at the time of writing this, it is still beaten by – surprise, surprise – another remix in terms of number of plays, but the Bubble Butt remix has been online for two years, and of course got a huge kick-start as it was promoted by Tom Cosm.