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Transformers psytrance: Allsparked

So I finally finished the Transformers remix (a psytrance “reinterpretation” of the Scorponok track off the Transformers soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky), and here’s the result – streamable and downloadable in lossless FLAC format. I think it turned out quite well; I might go back and tweak the mix a little one day, but I just needed to finish something at this point. Go ahead and check it out – download, play it out, play it to your friends, play it to your grandma and share it online. Feedback will be very much appreciated, as always!

I didn’t really know what to name the track, so I just went with some silly stuff derived from the “Allspark” thing from the film.

Drum Pets: your friendly neighbourhood psytrance artist

Gangnam Style remix is successful? :)

My Gangnam Style remix at Soundcloud.

Well, for me, 600 plays is a success, especially 600 plays in one week. I mean, sure – dropping hot search terms like Gangnam Style and PSY (the artist behind the original) is not exactly hurting me in terms of number of plays, and it certainly helped that someone posted it on Reddit too, but I’m still a little bit excited. I just hope that some of the casual visitors will have checked out my other tracks too, and will maybe come back later.


EDIT: 880 plays now. Nice! Also, because my free pro account expired, the track also reached its download limit at 100. I went ahead and bought the ‘lite’ account instead, which should suffice.

EDIT 2: More than 1000 plays. It’s a milestone to me; now I need to put those numbers to good use.

Drum Pets: your friendly neighbourhood psytrance artist

Psybreaks track: “Beyond the Physical Level”