Orchestral Wobble Stuff

2013/03/05 No Comments »

Every now and then, I just find myself completely stuck on a project. Moments like that are good opportunities to try something different and also serve as great reminders to not allow yourself to be too limited by formulas. So when this happened the other day, I decided to a) try to finish a short track in a day, from conception to Soundcloud upload, b) try to incorporate and explore some of the content of Live 9 Suite and c) develop that elusive ‘sound’ that I’ve been aiming for with my electro-orchestral endeavours. So here’s the result; give it a go. I should of course mix it properly (due to moving around, I’ve been working on a Creative 2.1 speaker set for quite awhile now…), but I just wanted to complete something quickly and have fun in the process.¬†¬†Other tools used: Project SAM Orchestral Essentials, Sylenth 1, various Kontakt libraries.


Ideally, I’d upload this under my second moniker, “Acid Awechestra”, but I don’t want to set up another SC account right now; better to keep it all under one virtual roof.


As an aside: this was made with the final Ableton Live 9 beta version; I’m downloading the release version as I type this.


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