Babylon 5 Theme (Drum Pets reimagination)


Another deviation into grandiose orchestral music.
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Two new track previews


Here are previews of two tracks I’ve been working on lately; both are remixes of previous tracks, and both are immensely improved. The tracks are pretty close to being finished, but I need to polish them a little more. Also, I’m currently working on another film project, so I won’t have too much time for my Drum Pets music right now… 🙁

Battle Cat (remix):


Outer Ltd. (remix):

Transformers psytrance: Allsparked


So I finally finished the Transformers remix (a psytrance “reinterpretation” of the Scorponok track off the Transformers soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky), and here’s the result – streamable and downloadable in lossless FLAC format. I think it turned out quite well; I might go back and tweak the mix a little one day, but I just needed to finish something at this point. Go ahead and check it out – download, play it out, play it to your friends, play it to your grandma and share it online. Feedback will be very much appreciated, as always!

I didn’t really know what to name the track, so I just went with some silly stuff derived from the “Allspark” thing from the film.

Orchestral Wobble Stuff


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So, remixes work.



I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it seems that a bit of namedropping and some hours of intensive work actually, well … work. I’ve loved Gangnam Style since I first laid ears and eyes on it, and I found the acappella lying around online, so I HAD to have a go. It was a strangely goal-oriented endeavour for me: when I realised I could get my hands on the acappella, I immediately decided that yes – I’m going to remix it. I simply sat down and worked intensively for somewhere between five and eight hours, and bam! – it was done. I let it rest over the night and then came back to it and finished it up. And after a mere two or three days, it had become my most popular track ever (at the time of writing this, it is still beaten by – surprise, surprise – another remix in terms of number of plays, but the Bubble Butt remix has been online for two years, and of course got a huge kick-start as it was promoted by Tom Cosm.

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