Quick thoughts:
  • Oh, no… I just realised I'll be on vacation when Global Goa Party 3 goes live. I hope someone can log the chat. ×0
  • Global Goa Party mix submitted… Finally got around to recording and submitting my contribution to Global Goa Party 3. Tune in to DI.fm at 8PM on 20th of July for 18 hours of Goa bliss! ×0
  • Goddamn smartphones! I give up trying to get this hovering navigation bar to work on iOS. I was really happy with it, but it's completely foobared on my phone. ×0
  • Easter mixing… I think I'll grant myself a nice vacation during Easter; I need to finish up some tunes on proper monitors (been working on a Creative 2.1 set for ages, due to space constraints and relocation. ×0
  • Another quick test. Trying out a microblog thingy, so as to avoid spamming Twitter every time I get some moronic idea... ×0

Launchpad S


Novation went ahead and surprised us all a short while ago, by announcing the Launchpad S – a bigger, better, faster” Launchpad. Keep reading >>

Lego QuNeo stand


Well, this was something I just had to get out of my system. It’s a Lego stand for my QuNeo. It doesn’t need a lot of explanation: as you can see from the images, it’s a quite versatile little thing; it works quite nicely with the Laundhpad too, and seeing as the QuNeo is the same size as an iPad, well, you can figure out the rest.

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Ableton Live 9 review


I’ve been playing around with Live Suite 9 for quite awhile now during the beta period, and at the time of writing this – two days after the release – I’ve installed all the Suite content I’m interested in for the moment and the latest version of LPC-Live for my Launchpad. I decided to write down some thoughts on Live’s latest incarnation and how I feel it has progressed since version 8; it can be quite hard to keep track of all your thoughts and impulses during a beta test phase, so I think it’s time for me to see if I can form a more “big picture” view of it all.

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Ableton Live rack: Track Control!


A compact one-in-all device to gain full control of your tracks.


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Free Live skin


Here’s a skin I’ve made for Ableton Live. It’s a little inspired by the photo editors Zoner and Lightroom, which have these pleasant dark grey themes. For photo editing, this makes sense because you want as little visual noise as possible, but I find that it’s also a lot easier on the eyes; brighter themes are more tiring, and I find that there’s always some element I don’t like with other skins I’ve tried in Live.
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