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Lego QuNeo stand


Well, this was something I just had to get out of my system. It’s a Lego stand for my QuNeo. It doesn’t need a lot of explanation: as you can see from the images, it’s a quite versatile little thing; it works quite nicely with the Laundhpad too, and seeing as the QuNeo is the same size as an iPad, well, you can figure out the rest.

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Free Live skin


Here’s a skin I’ve made for Ableton Live. It’s a little inspired by the photo editors Zoner and Lightroom, which have these pleasant dark grey themes. For photo editing, this makes sense because you want as little visual noise as possible, but I find that it’s also a lot easier on the eyes; brighter themes are more tiring, and I find that there’s always some element I don’t like with other skins I’ve tried in Live.
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Get your Goatranch t-shirts now!


To all lovers of old school Goa and psytrance alike: Here’s a design I made roughly ten years ago(!) I was very much into t-shirt design at the time, and I made my own by making the design in Adobe Illustrator, printing them, buying a suitably coloured blank t-shirt, and transferring the design onto the t-shirt manually with a makeshift light table made from a lamp and a broken scanner.

Well, the times have changed, and this design is now available for you all to buy. For now, I’ve made it available in a small selection of colours and cuts, but if anyone wants a specific piece of garment or colour, we can arrange that. The t-shirts should be available in all sizes, so go ahead and order yours today at my shop! Represent!

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The website is up and running


Well, obviously; you’re here, reading this. It’s been ages since I did any proper webdesign, so it took a little more time than I’d hoped. Keep reading >>