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2012/09/07 1 Comment »

Well, obviously; you’re here, reading this. It’s been ages since I did any proper webdesign, so it took a little more time than I’d hoped. Particularly what slowed me down was figuring out how to set up a WordPress theme by converting a static HTML page into the WordPress format. Knowing next to nothing about PHP, it took some trial and error to get it all set up, and I’m sure the coding will seem like a complete mess to an experienced PHP coder, but what else can you expect when the entire process was “Google, find, copy, modify if needed, paste. Repeat”? 😉


Anyway, I think what you see is what matters the most, and I don’t think the result is too shabby, and I’m particularly happy with the way my site behaves on smaller screens/window sizes. I read up a bit on responsive design, and a simple @media query addition took care of that (which means you don’t have to double tap, pinch and whatnot if you’re viewing the site on your phone). Another new, handy thing I discovered in the process – purely coincidentally – is Google Web Fonts. An absolutely brilliant idea, which virtually removes the need to use images if you want to use a special font for links and headers.


Also, apart from Google, I used only two tools, and both are free: PSPad for html, PHP and CSS and Inkscape for the graphics (which, thanks to the increasing support for most CSS features across browsers, are kept at an absolute minimum – the design contains only four images total (two waveform backgrounds, and the logo (top corner and background). Minimalism doesn’t have to look boring.


Speaking of the logo: I think it turned out rather nice. As with a lot of what I do in the “graphics department”, it’s a bit 70’s inspired (70’s sportswear, maybe?). The idea came to me when I saw a roll of toilet paper standing in the bathroom. From above, it looked kind of like a ‘P’ (and, from the other side, like a ‘D’). So I doodled a bit in my sketchbook, wanting the two letters to create a sort of fluid motion. I have to say I’m happy with it, and it was a nice reintroduction into the world of graphic design.


I hope I can bring some more content up soon (i.e. I need to stop nitpicking tiny little graphical details and get back to working on my music!)

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