Lego QuNeo stand

2013/03/27 6 Comments »

Well, this was something I just had to get out of my system. It’s a Lego stand for my QuNeo. It doesn’t need a lot of explanation: as you can see from the images, it’s a quite versatile little thing; it works quite nicely with the Laundhpad too, and seeing as the QuNeo is the same size as an iPad, well, you can figure out the rest.

The stand is sturdy, and sits remarkably well in my lap too, so it’s great for casual jamming and, of course, if you have an iPad, I think it would be great for that too.


With QuNeo

With Launchpad

I ran out of black blocks, so I had to use some red ones…
I’d just like to add that hardware manufacturers should always design their products to fit in a Lego grid. The QuNeo is just a little too small/big to fit exactly inside a frame of Lego blocks, so I had to leave a bit of extra space on the sides, which also meant that I ended up with an odd number of knobs on all sides. Remember, guys: you design useful toys. Lego bricks are also useful toys. Useful toys should go hand in hand! 😉


Update – the Launchpad needs love too:




Well, I just couldn’t leave the Launchpad without its own stand, so I went ahead and made another one. And lo and behold: the Launchpad fits EXACTLY inside a Lego grid -it is just that tiny millimetre narrower. Now that’s what I call – if I may go there – intelligent design… 😉 Good on you, Novation!


Click the image below for a close-up of the two stands and the blocks used.


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  • I don’t suppose you’d like to do a partial teardown and photograph your build? I would love to do this, but I don’t own any legos so it would be alot more cost effective if I knew what pieces to purchase. There’s a Lego store in PDX and I could actually buy the exact parts without having to buy a bunch of kits and guess.

    • spork says:

      Thank you for your reply! I’m not too keen on tearing them down (should have documented the process, but it wasn’t that well planned, just something I did for fun…), but I’ve added a close-up view at the bottom of the post (click to enlarge) with details of both units plus the pieces used.

      The blocks I’ve used are pretty basic, and which ones to get depends on how fancy you want it. The top of the picture shows the important ones; if you get a good assortment of those, you should be set. As you can see from the Launchpad stand detail, I’ve used some arches which are more specialised (and customised to my use; the stand is right next to my laptop, so I needed to elevate the Launchpad so that the USB cable could pass underneath it.

      But, yeah: get some of the basics in a colour you like. There used to be boxes with assortments of Legos in the same colour, but it’s been awhile since I bought any Lego (might need a refill now, though! 🙂

      Again: the Launchpad fits perfectly in a Lego grid, whereas the QuNeo is just a little too big.