Global Goa Party 3

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Oldschool Goa guru, Marsh, is like a semi-predictable Santa Claus or Easter Bunny: out of nowhere, he pops out with the yearly Global Goa Party announcement, where a bunch of DJs from all over the world gather virtually to throw an enormous psytrance event. And like a fully predictable DJ wannabe, I sign up.

The Global Goa Parties are a series of time-trips back to the golden days of Goa trance (or “Goatranch”, to the iniated), and this time, the year was 1998. While 1997 was probably the de facto peak of Goa trance, 1998 is, to me, the year when the psychedelic shark was jumped, when the trance fridge was nuked – call it what you want; the glory days of Goa trance ended with 1998. But 1998 was one hell of a year, and with so many gems, it was really hard to narrow it all down to a 1.5 hour set.

I started out by filtering tracks in MediaMonkey, by year, genre, tempo and comment (the comment tag is where Mixed in Key stores key info). I ended up with a huge list of candidate tracks that I kept whittling down over a couple of weeks, which involved letting go of one of my all-time favourites, Acid Rain by Laughing Buddha. Too bad, cause it really is such an awesome dancefloor stomper. I did, however, grab some short loops and one-shots from a handful of tracks that didn’t make the cut. I threw these into a remix set in the fourth deck (as fate would have it, Native Instruments had finally opened up the remix set for proper mapping in the latest Traktor version just days before I recorded the mix!)

Then I moved on to making sure the beat grids were OK and to set a bunch of cue points in Traktor. Then I drifted off, like I always do (for OCD reasons, probably) – by completely redoing my Traktor mappings. This time, I wanted to limit myself to my Code and my Launchpad on a four-deck layout, so I split both controllers into four and crammed a bunch of functionality into every button and knob (I’ll detail this in a separate post).

So, having set up my controllers, I digressed even further, by endlessly trying out new FX chains, even though I had two goals for the mix: 1) keep it simple, and 2) don’t get drunk.

That couldn’t go wrong, could it?

When I finally got ready to record the mix, hadn’t much margin for error, as I was going away on holidays. I poured myself a glass of Martini, started recording, everything was going well, and I was about half an hour into the mix when the audio suddenly cut off for five seconds. I’ve had this happening before, but because I’m using Traktor’s internal mixer, I know that the actual recording is probably OK. Nevertheless, I was thrown off and decided to start again. I poured myself another glass.

About twenty minutes into my second attempt, the phone rang. Again, I completely lost the flow. I was so sure I’d remembered to switch the phone off, so I cursed myself and poured another glass.

At this point, I was getting a little devil-may-carey, and partly forgot my intention to keep it simple. I also realised (too late) that I had dropped a cymbal crash into the remix set without saving its gain setting (as I’m sure you can hear in the mix), but at this point, I was determined to finish the mix. So the result isn’t perfect, and at various points, I completely forgot where I intended to mix into the next track. Also, I at random intervals felt like twiddling more knobs, so I did some more or less successful FX tweaks that weren’t really called for.

What further complicated things this time, is the fact that I decided to mix entirely on headphones, as the only speakers I had available at the time were a crappy Creative PC set which make everything sound muddy; this meant I had to mostly rely on my cue points and that I could only hear either the main out or the monitor cue at any given time (my Audio Kontrol 1 interface has an A/B switch for the headphone out, and this helped me a few times).

I usually record mixes at -3Db, so as to leave a little headroom to smooth over minor cock-ups and level the whole thing out a little, if needed; I moved the recording into Live and tried to iron out the the crash cymbals a little (and realised that when I make a blunder like dropping a crash cymbal that’s too hot, I tend to attempt masking my mistake by dropping even more of them!) Ah, well, the result was all right enough; there’s no such thing as the perfect DJ mix anyway, and the feedback so far has been positive.

Anyway; since you’ve made it this far, you might be interested in the tracklist (which, of course was kept secret until the DI.FM stream had finished – this is how the Global Goa Parties work; just like at an actual party, you don’t have access to the playlist. If you want to be surprised while listening, don’t read below, simply download the mix…). Two tracks from movie scores to start the whole thing off extravagantly and building on the whole “time travel” theme of the GGP experience.

Tracklist for Global Goa Party 3 / 03:30-05:00 / spork: “Fluoro Flashbacks” [Download]:

  • 01: Alan Silvestri – Back to the Future Theme (Back to the Future soundtrack)
  • 02: Vangelis – Opening (1492: Conquest of Paradise soundtrack)
  • 03: Space Tribe – The Future’s Right Now (Space Tribe / The Future’s Right Now)
  • 04: Killing Joke – Jana (Hallucinogenic) (Killing Joke / Wardance – the Remixes)
  • 05: Man with No Name – Possessed (Man with No Name / Earth Moving the Sun)
  • 06: Trinity – Guru (V.A. / Double Dipped)
  • 07: Slide – Alien Hitmen (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 5)
  • 08: MFG – Intelligent Machine (MFG / Project Genesis)
  • 09: Oforia – Cream (Oforia / Delirious)
  • 10: Zabra – Waterworld (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 7)
  • 11: Somaton – Fearful Symmetry (V.A. / Destination Goa – the Sixth Chapter)
  • 12: Lunar Asylum – Van Halen (Lunar Asylum / Lunar Asylum)
  • 13: Slinky Wizard – Sacred Fist (V.A. / Tantrance 6)
  • 14: Jaia – Sillenium (V.A. / Dream Creation)
  • 15: S.U.N. Project – Spaceships & Spacepeople (S.U.N. Project / Macrophage)
  • 16: Cosmosis – Higher Access (Cosmosis / Synergy)
  • 17: Astral Projection – Solid Electronics (V.A. / Destination Goa – the Sixth Chapter)
  • 18: Green Nuns of the Revolution – Rock Bitch (V.A. / Goa Head vol. 6)


  • Space Tribe – 54 Bassdrums
  • Growling Mad Scientists – Growly Family
  • Digitalis – Osho Drums
  • Lotus Omega – Lighthouse
  • Joujouka – RE-psychle Frequency

DO make sure you download the other mixes too, over at Goatranch.com!

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  • Marsh says:

    I don’t know about “guru.” Enthusiast, maybe. 🙂

    Great writeup, and great set, Spork – the whole thing was like one long remix. Really dug the little surprises sprinkled throughout.

    Thanks again for playing!

  • spork says:

    All right; let’s call you “shaman,” and leave it at that… 😉

    I’m glad you enjoyed the set and my ramblings – I really appreciate the feedback! And thanks again for making this happen! If I remember correctly from last year, the number of listeners was quite significant, so this is definitely more than just a dork club for the participating nostaligcs! 🙂