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2012/11/08 3 Comments »

Here’s a skin I’ve made for Ableton Live. It’s a little inspired by the photo editors Zoner and Lightroom, which have these pleasant dark grey themes. For photo editing, this makes sense because you want as little visual noise as possible, but I find that it’s also a lot easier on the eyes; brighter themes are more tiring, and I find that there’s always some element I don’t like with other skins I’ve tried in Live.


So, I decided to do it myself. I used the relatively straight-forward skin editor, and figured it would be pretty simple. I use the words ‘relatively’ and ‘figure’ because it wasn’t quite as easy as I’d expected. First of all, a lot of the names of the various elements in the skin editor are quite ambiguous, and I had to just try a lot of crazy colours and test the skin in Live in order to figure out which element name did what. The second problem is that Live’s colour palette seems very limited, so the colours turn out completely different in Live than in the editor. I thought maybe Live used only the good ‘ol web-safe colours, but that didn’t seem right either, so – again: a lot of adjusting and testing were required, especially since I wanted the grey theme: Live doesn’t exactly offer 60 shades of them… 😉


Anyway: without further ado, here’s the link to the skin and a screenshot. Hope you can find some use for it! Just download the file and put it into the ‘RESOURCES > SKINS’ folder in your Live application directory.



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  • IBN8 says:

    Dark, daddy like. Thanks for sharing your scheme.

  • spork says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I don’t think the skin – or any of the old skins – will work in Live 9, but they’ve added a feature in one of the latest betas that lets you adjust the colours of the active skin, so – if they develop this further, we might eventually be able to do this all inside Live.